How to Choose the Right Carpet Color  

One of the hardest components of interior designing is carpeting. There are tons of things to consider before buying the right carpet such as style, the type of fiber, the patter and lastly, the color.  

Choosing the right color is one of the most challenging part of decision making in decorating your home. It could be very difficult to visualize a particular color that would cover a large amount of space just by seeing a tiny swatch. Colors are necessary because it add up to the general effect and aura of your house.  

Listed below are some ideas that might help you it choosing the right color that could suffice your household’s needs.  

  1. Neutral Colors 

Neutral carpet colors are the biggest sellers among the carpeting industry. Because a carpet could necessarily define how a room would look like, a vibrant color may overpower other things present in your living room, for instance. Moreover, when you think that the color of the carpet you purchased doesn’t fit to the room you put it in, it could be very expensive to purchase another. This is precisely the reason why neutral colors are the safest choice.  

If you want to pursue more vivid colors, use them to color some less expensive part of the room such as wall paint, sofa cushions and other smaller accent pieces.  

Neutral doesn’t have to be boring thus, in order to ensure that there is life even with neutral colors, choose the right texture for the carpet.  

  1. Berber Flecks 

Another wonder tip to integrate life in your carpet is to choose flecked colors rather than solid ones. Flecks are also called berber. Berber flecks are mostly found on carpets with neutral colors that have darker tones. This doesn’t only bring addition to its visual appeal, but it would also make the carpet ‘resilient’, that is, it helps hide stains or hints of dirt that are left unattended.  

This is very helpful especially when you keep on being disturbed by an unnecessary sight found on your carpet as it offers an optical illusion. How cool could that get?! 

  1. Consider your Lifestyle 

One of the things where the choice of carpet color is contingent to is the lifestyle present inside your home. For instance, if you have kids and pets which makes heavy foot traffic on the carpet, color white may not be he best option to choose.  

Very light or dark colors may showcase some imperfections on the surface of your carpet in contrast to mid tones.  

Carpet color may affect the general theme or feels of the room where it is placed. This is precisely the reason why choosing the right color that matches the needs of the room is a crucial choice that you need to think over. Last reminder: never choose what’s on trend.  

This is precisely because in the years to come, trends will continue to change and will outdate your choice. This is why stick o what you love and don’t let the society dictate what carpet color to use.  

How to Choose the Right Carpet 

When you decide to purchase a carpet for your home, you are actually doing a great job as a homeowner. Carpets are more than just accessories in order to better your home’s aesthetics. It protects your family, especially when you have toddlers that are on their journey to learn walking. Thus, it is very crucial to choose the right kind of carpet to use in your house. 

There are a lot of factors that you need to consider before investing to the carpet that you want. A beautiful design may be deceiving but there are other more important details you need to look in order to maximize the carpet’s utility. 

To help you decide what kind of carpet to buy, here are some carpet information that will tell you what and what not to buy.  

  1. Carpet Style 

There are basically two types of carpet: the loop-style pile and the cut-style pile. The former is a good carpet kind that connects into the backing in order to create a loop, thus its name. This type of carpet is perfect for living rooms and other areas of the house where you receive guests or bond with your family. 

The latter on the other hand are cut loops that manifests two individual ends stuck up through the backing. This type of carpet is mostly used in kid’s room and other rooms where you have your private times spent.  

  1. Carpet Fiber 

One of the most critical areas in choosing a carpet is its fiber. Basically, there are three types of fiber used and sold in the market today. First is the polypropylene which is a sort of synthetic material used to build loop-style pile. Another is polyester.  

Polyester fiber is a very good type of fiber because it doesn’t just create wonderful patterns and designs on carpet, but it is also actually from recycled plastic containers. Thus, you are not only beautifying your house but also, you are helping the earth become a cleaner place. Lastly and the most popular of them all is nylon. Nylon has been a celebrated carpet fiber because not only it is cheap but also it is the most durable of all types.  

More to these synthetic fibers, there are also some natural ones used in today’s carpet industry. One of the most popular natural fiber is wool. It is traditionally used to create majestically styled carpet. The downside, however, is that this material is very expensive thus, it is one of the least choices among homeowners.  

  1. Carpet Price 

Of course, you don’t want to end up getting broke just because you want to buy a brand-new carpet. This is precisely the reason why you need to know how carpets are priced. 

The price of a carpet is dependent on its weight, structure and fiber. The cheapest fiber is polypropylene and when you are saving up for something more important, this could be a good choice. However, if you have more budget, polyester is a good alterative.  

But if you want to really spend a significant amount of money, nylon is the right choice. Although it’s a little bit expensive, the material is durable. Lastly, if you have an appetite for grand things, wool is a great option.  

Tips on Carpet Cleaning 

One of the best investments you would have to give in order to beautify your home is to have a carpet in your house. Although a carpet adds up to the aesthetic value of your house, there is more to carpet than just an accessory. Carpets are used in order to protect your family especially kids that are just learning to walk not to hit hard on the floor’s surface. This is precisely the reason why you need own one as early as possible. 

When you already chose the right carpet, the next challenge is how to make it last for years. Because purchasing a carpet involves a significant amount of money, you need to maximize its use in order to see what you’ve paid for.  

To help you with that, here are some of the best cleaning tips on how to maintain your beloved carpet.  

  1. Clean Carpet Regularly 

Of course, one of the most effective way in order to maintain your carpet is to clean it daily. Vacuuming is one of the best processes in order to clean your carpet. Once your carpet is stained, make sure that you treat the affected area as soon as possible. This is precisely because the longer the stain remains on the carpet, the harder it will be to remove it.  

If you have kids who spilled food on the carpet, make sure to remove the solid materials using the spoon immediately. If there is a blot, use a detergent. Then, a high suction vacuum is needed to be applied on the area back and forth to completely get rid of the stain. Make sure that the chemicals and solution you use for cleaning suits the materials used in making your carpet. 

  1. Vacuuming Can Help 

The best thing you could do in order to beautify your carpet is to vacuum it regularly. There are different types of vacuum namely rotating brush, beater bar or a suction. Choose the right kind of vacuum that suits your carpet best.  

  1. Avoid Damaging Activities 

There are some activities you do at home that necessarily damages your carpet. For instance, when heavy furniture is topped on your carpet, it may damage its surface. In order to get rid of the furniture dents, stroke the edge of a coin to these dented areas.  

When your carpet acquires snags and sprouts, never pull them off because it might make things worse and would even damage your carpet generally.  

  1. Seek for Professional Help 

A professional  Riverdale NY carpet cleaner service at least twice a year is a very helpful practice in order to maintain your carpet. These companies have the necessary expertise as well as the right equipment to deliver an efficient job. 

A carpet cleaning service will not only maintain and clean your carpet, It would also save your family’s health because they will get rid of the deeply seated microbes and other organisms beneath the surface of the carpet which are the main sources for conditions such as serious asthma and allergic reaction.